Ohai gives you a JSON data structure full of information about your system.

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  • Bug OHAI-394 Due Date: 01/Aug/12 Error when display some concrete attributes values, because the attribute has '/'
  • Bug OHAI-306 platform_version not returned when running under Windows Ruby 1.9.x
  • Bug OHAI-87 Some plugins should not be optional

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  • Bug OHAI-267 04/Jun/15 identifying rackspace's managed cloud instances
  • Bug OHAI-389 03/Mar/15 When reloading the hostname plugin via the ohai resource, node['fqdn'] is not updated
  • Bug OHAI-437 28/Nov/14 CentOS 5.6/6.0 is not recognized under node['platform_family'] as "rhel". Instead it's an empty string.

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